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Thank You Ally Legal!

After a great summer of at Ally Legal, my internship has come to an end as I near graduation. I have learned valuable lessons while working under Angela that will stay with me as I start my career. One of my favorite experiences has been meeting with clients and helping create an estate plan for each individual and unique circumstance. From estate planning to firearm planning, I have learned practical knowledge that only comes from experience. When I started law school, I had no idea what type of law I’d like to practice, only that I knew I wanted to help people. Meeting everyone that comes in and playing a part of giving them a peace of mind has been a highlight of my law school experience.

As I leave Ally Legal, I have one more final exam before I am officially done with school and on to graduation! Almost exactly three years ago, I was leaving my orientation thinking that this time seems so far away. Although the countless hours I’ve spent reading and studying, the last three years have flown by. I am so excited to begin my legal career (and to make money!).

I am so thankful for the opportunity to work at Ally Legal and the knowledge I’ve gained in just a few months. I am grateful to have expanded my understanding of Florida law on wills, estates, and trusts to prepare me for the Bar Exam and in my practice. Not only have I acquired practical legal skills, I’ve also learned how a business operates and how to get started myself. I know that the experiences I have had this summer will be a great advantage to me as I approach graduation and start my career. Thank you!

- Katie Norris

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