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New Year, New Brand!

If you've been following our blog and social media, you may have noticed a new name for the old places you used to visit - ACEMaven Legal, P.A. is alive and ready to kick off the New Year!

What does this mean for you? At the moment, nothing. See, our phone number will remain the same and, for a bit longer, the email address and website will remain the same. Our plan is to turn those down in the coming months - removing the redirects and disconnecting from Ally Legal, P.A. altogether.

You may be asking, why the change? Simply put: GROWTH! When Ally Legal, P.A. was envisioned, we saw legal battles taking place at every turn. But as we've grown into our own space and with our clientele, we've discovered that not everything needs to be a battle. That's the COOLEST realization, too! This is particularly important because we live in quite a litigious society where people are more apt to lawyer up and head to the courthouse.

Not here. We have embraced a different approach. ACEMaven isn't an entirely made up moniker for the firm, no. It actually embraces and embodies who we are and who we've grown into these past nearly four years. See, ACE is an acronym which defines our commitment to our clients where we are Assertive, Caring, and Effective. That means we can zealously represent our clients in ways that often DON'T involve court - in fact, we actually work really hard to stay out of court because that's just a stress we don't need, right? And, Maven, well - according to, it means "someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field." While we would never claim to be an expert on anything - that's just too heavy of a burden to bear - we ARE actually quite skilled in assisting our clients achieve their legal objectives. Dazzlingly, even!

So there you have it! Ally Legal is now ACEMaven Legal - and we're so thrilled to be stepping into this New Year with the same commitment and a brand that TRULY reflects our mission and focus - YOU!

Make it a great 2023, Everyone! Much Love!

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