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Family on the beach carefree because they have a great estate plan

Estate Planning is a thoughtful way to provide and care for your loved ones.  Planning with the proper legal documents, such as a revocable living trust, protects your assets and can often shield your heirs from unnecessary court costs, problems, family discourse, and complications.  Estate Planning gives you peace of mind that your accumulated wealth can be transferred to your chosen beneficiaries in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Estate Planning


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When people are creating their estate plan and considering the legacy they wish to leave for their families, transfer of firearms provisions are often overlooked and not made part of the estate planning process.  The issue with this is, despite their best intentions, family members can end up committing “unintentional felonies” if they are not aware of the laws relating to the transfer of firearms during one’s death or incapacity.  Passing on your firearms to your loved ones and other beneficiaries safely and legally is a task you should not try to accomplish on your own.  Speaking with a qualified firearms planning attorney can help you decide the best option to achieve your goals.

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Firearms Planning


US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

Veterans with disabilities have rights which can also include being compensated for their service-connected disabilities.  Not every application for compensation is approved or rated appropriately the first time.  Also, there are times when injuries do not present at the time of discharge and an upgrade application is appropriate.  This exposes a Veteran to rejection of claims or a flat-out denial.  Worse yet, the VA does not always do a great job of helping applicants understand what steps come next should the Veteran disagree with the rating or denial.  At this point, it may be necessary to consult a VA-Accredited Veterans Benefits Lawyer to review the denied application or lower-than-anticipated rating to determine what options are available to resolve your claim.

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Veterans Disability


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