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If you just want to buy paper with some basic legal terms on it, I may not be a good fit for you.  That’s ok!  There are attorneys and services out there who will do exactly that for you and, most likely, at a price point that will make you smile.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a long-term estate planning professional who will walk with you through life’s many changes all while applying a holistic and guiding approach to the process of legacy and wealth protection, then you are in luck.  At AceMaven Legal, you will quickly see that not only do we believe your legacy is your investment not a one-time, quick fix to get through life, we provide guidance that is proactive, protective, and personal.  We work tirelessly to help you design your lasting legacy so as to save your family from turmoil and exhaustive court involvement when it is time for you to depart this earth and we do it because we know what the alternative looks like.  At AceMaven Legal, P.A., we get it.

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Air Force Veteran and North Georgia Native, Angela executed her first Will at the age of nineteen before being deployed to the Middle East. Relying solely on mostly vague instructions of, “Initial here, here, and here.  Great. Now, sign here,” she recognized early in life that occasionally things just needed some in-depth explaining.


Fast forward to when Angela retired from the Air Force, by this point, she had signed several more Wills and even some Powers of Attorney and various other Estate Planning documents but was still just as clueless in their purpose as she was back at nineteen. Realizing an opportunity was afoot where her educational goals and desire to continue serving those around her would most definitely align, she went on to law school. A short while later, AceMaven Legal, P.A. was born.


Throughout Angela’s legal studies, she had many opportunities to learn, be mentored, and guided by some of the best Estate Planning and legal professionals in the industry. Their collective expertise and shared knowledge not only provided constant affirmation that many people, not just folks in the military, shy away when it comes to learning exactly what it means to plan one’s estate and legal affairs, but they also shared with her tips, techniques, and tactics that can go a long way in preserving a client’s legacy for their intended beneficiaries.

Angela Tormey


Legal Representation Is Not Just For The Wealthy
It is for anyone who desires sound legal counsel to assist them in speaking the unique language of the law. It is vital in assisting with the upkeep and protection of one’s wealth and, at times, protection. For the record, we all have wealth and it may not always start with a dollar sign. Additionally, one may seek to employ legal services to maintain their interests as private and controlled and shielded from most bad decisions. As a military retiree, Angela also has extensive knowledge about military benefits and how to address those when planning. Additionally, Angela has specific experience in dealing with blended families and, as such, also knows how to delicately approach that particular family model with specific attention to detail and consideration for some of the most complicated issues facing potential clients.

Ultimately, every legal relationship is a process and rarely ever an event only accomplished once in a lifetime. It is important to know the person helping you protect your legacy and interests for years to come understand where you are coming from and how to best guide you. Whether your needs are as simple as addressing uncertainty in selecting the right method of estate planning for young adults, the potentially more complicated issues due to divorce or remarriage and high-value assets, or the intricate complexities of being a military benefit recipient, AceMaven Legal can help!

Angela's Dog

Crash gave us all many laughs and comfort during our time with him. He was a kind and gentle giant who only wanted treats, head scratchies, and human contact. He rarely complained and when he did, it came in the form of a howl/whine and some paw-stomping.  He was such a character.


Having crossed the rainbow bridge this past spring at the ripe age of 11 due to old age, he now watches over our daily operations from the best memory-foam bed in the sky. We hope we continue to make him proud.


He is sorely missed by all who knew him.  Until we meet again, Buddy. You'll always be our best boy.


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