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Meet Ally Legal, P.A.'s Newest Intern

As the newest intern at Ally Legal, P.A., I’d like to introduce myself! My name is Katie Norris, and I am a couple months away from graduating law school. I was born and raised here in Valrico and graduated from Newsome High School in 2015. From there, I headed up north and graduated cum laude from Florida State University in 2018. My first legal experience came during my fall internship at the 2nd Circuit Public Defender in Tallahassee. This experience motivated my desire to help others by serving their legal needs. That summer, I had the opportunity to intern in the legal department at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. I learned the importance of legal representation and helping others as an advocate.

Determined, I took the LSAT and received a 100% Tuition Honors Scholarship from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Fast forward through countless hours of studying and case law briefs, I am graduating with my J.D. in August. Throughout my legal studies, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and be mentored by legal professionals of various practices. During my Wills, Estates ad Trusts class, I took a significant interest in estate planning and knew I had to learn more. I’m so excited to be working under Angela here at Ally Legal, P.A. to continue my legal education.

Katie Norris, Ally Legal, P.A. Intern

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